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Les Actes du désert (Acts from the desert)

Premiere at Mains d’Œuvres (Paris / Saint Ouen), November 9 and 10th 2017

Compagnie Vivons in partnership with La Transplansiphère, La métonymie and sas (science-art-society)


— I receive audio tapes in the mailbox. The voices of the different people I met in Mali during my two trips in 1999 and 2011. The testimony of an old man-memory who unrolls each name on the tree of my family. I think back to this text by Jean-Pierre Hamon who already invited me to travel in the desert. The periphery of Timbuktu. I see myself alone, sand at a loss, at sunset, where I decide to make this journey of initiation to find my origins. As a ritual that imposes itself on me, I have in a circle the elements that will reveal each step. A Malian saying says that dust holds the memory of ancestors. The sand runs between my fingers and connects me to them. I dance lost beings.

ACTES DU DESERT 180° from RACINE(S) on Vimeo.

It is there that I decide to leave in the desert to reconcile myself. In the Dogon country, it is said that every living or deceased person has a star in the sky. If the voice of the old man revealed to me my tree, on the ground, in my turn, I draw this family constellation. Throughout the journey, I cross different states that will shape me and where I feel to intermingle so many stories. I pay tribute to my father, to those migrants who decide to leave their country to find a better future. The writer and philosopher Amadou Hampâté Bâ said: « When an old man dies, it is a library that burns. » I dream of going to Timbuktu, the city of all knowledge, where I think I find the secrets of my intimate country.
Smail Kanouté

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Choreographer and performer
Smaïl Kanoute

Bruno Freyssinet

Batiste Darsoulant

Set Designer
Ikse Master

Light creator
Alexandre Fandard

XULY.Bet and JAYONE Ramier

Abdou Diouri

Accompaniment in Executive Production
Alternative Inner Motion / A.I.M

Jean Pierre Hamon

Afroriginal ™

Duration: 1h

Trust 2 Decameron




Leonessa and Rocca Sinibalda (Rieti, Lazio, Italy), 8> 21 August 2017 – Erasmus + Youth Exchange

30 young people from Germany, Italy, Portugal and France (including settled refugees, asylum seekers and young extra-EU students) explored the Trust topic together with an artistic and citizen workshop open to the public.

Notions such as migration, cohesion and co-construction were at stake, explored through exchanges and artistic creation processes.

Trust 2 Decameron is the third episode of an artistic and citizens’ meeting that took place in Rocca Sinibalda (Italy) in the summer of 2016 and in Paris (France) in the spring of 2017. The project proposed to organize an artistic workshop bringing together 30 young Europeans in Leonessa and Rocca Sinibalda (Rieti, Italy) in the summer of 2017.

The experience involved young people in a positive, active and responsible approach, favoring the construction of a dialogue based on respect and trust. This meeting offered a unique space of creative expression between young Europeans, young refugees and international artists. Everyone was able to take advantage of this experience and enrich their vision of our ability to build together “common”. And try to imagine a new European narrative about our time.

Visit the Trust 2 project website.
Learn more about Trust 1

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Trust Youth Exchange

Paris, March 22th > April 2nd 2017 – Erasmus+/OFAJ-DFJW Youth Exchange


Trust youth exchange took place in Paris in March 2017. Among the venues hosting the activities are Cité des Sciences / La Villette and OECD conference center.

25 young people from Sweden, Germany, Italy, Portugal and France (including settled refugees) questioned together the “Trust” topic through an artistic and citizen workshop opened to the public.

Migration, terrorism, integrity, cohesion, social and cultural heritage was among the topics at stake, explored through debates with experts and artistic creation processes.

The project engaged young people in a positive, active and responsible approach helping to construct inclusive dialogue built on respect and trust.This meeting offered a unique space for dialog and creative expression between young europeans, young refugees and international experts. Everyone gained from this experience and enriched its vision of our capacity to build up “common” together.


European Partners


Paris and Nanterre partners

  • Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, la Villette (City of Sciences Museum)
  • OECD Integrity Forum (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
  • Agora – Nanterre web (a venue for citizens’ initiatives)



Bruno Freyssinet


Bruno Freyssinet is a theatre director and project designer for La Transplanisphère (Paris, France).

He questions the appropriation and transposition on stage of contemporary political topics. Through cooperation projects, he stages performances linked to workshops and debates with audiences.

In 2009, he has co-directed Stuff Happens (David Hare) at Nanterre- Amandiers Theatre (France). The play questioned the period from 9/11 to second Iraq war from the US ans western leaders point of view. After this experience, he started developing international cooperation projects.

In cooperation with partners from 12 different countries, he designed and directed 3 projects supported by the EU Culture programme :

  • In 2011-2012, he has initiated Rec>ON (reconciliation) and it’s associated play The Descendants, in collaboration with Armenia, Germany and Turkey. The play has been first performed in Yerevan (Oct. 2011), then in Paris and Berlin (May 2012) and Wuppertal (April 2013).

    The Descendants, Yerevan (Armenia), Oct. 2012

    The Descendants, Yerevan (Armenia), Oct. 2012

  • In 2013-2014, he has run World Crisis Theatre, a project questioning the Financial and Debt crisis on European cohesion, in cooperation with partners from Iceland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Germany and Sweden. In Summer 13, he led a first creative session staging The Power of Yes (David Hare) in Athens with a crew of 10 european artists, then performed in Epidaurus Ancient Theatre. This experience led to the creation of The European Crisis Games in Teatermaskinen (Sweden) in April 14, then on Tour in Berlin, Paris, Rome and Evora (Portugal).

    The European Crisis Games, Evora (Portugal), April 2014

    The European Crisis Games, Evora (Portugal), April 2014

  • In 2014-2015, he directed One Land Many Faces, a project exploring the european identity in progress in the frame of the migrants crisis. 6 countries was part of the partnership : Germany, Hungary, Belgium, UK, Spain and France. The project committed 5 international authors and a crew of 10 european artists including 2nd generation sons of migrants. The activities included workshops with refugees, students, amateur adults, and a tour in the 6 participating countries.
    One Land Many Faces, Berlin (Germany), Dec. 2013

    One Land Many Faces, Berlin (Germany), Dec. 2013


Sas lab, science – art – society

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sas means transfer airlock in french, like a space in between different spaces, a connection, a place where you can meet. sas is also an acronym for science-art-society.

visit sas website

Le sas is a group focused on research, design, production and dissemination of artistic and scientific works.

It associates la métonymie (digital art, with Ikse Maître) and La Transplanisphère (with Bruno Freyssinet) since September 2016.

Le sas aims to develop a culture of science-art-society projects, to promote a scientific and artistic culture and to accompany art-science projects. It revolves around art-science creations, art-science developments and art-science mediations. It opens up places for research and exchange within the academic research between artists and scientists.

Le sas is also a mobile art and science venue that meets the public. A first sas, Le sas>105, has been open since 2014 at the Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale (IAS, Institute of Space Astrophysics), Paris-Sud University, Paris-Saclay University.

Since January 2017, a sas has been opened in the Cité des Sciences (City of Science and Industry, the biggest french museum for Sciences explorations). It brings together scientists, artists, teams and the public of the Cité to undertake experiments and collective creations. Actions are transversal. They are conducted between the Cité de la Santé (health), the Cité des Métiers (work) and the Carrefour Numérique2 (digital crossroad) under the impetus of the companies La métonymie and the Transplanisphère.

The sas>cité allows:

  •    To create a dynamic between public and teams of the Cité, but also scientists and artists in residence
  •    To enrich the initiatives already programmed by the City
  •    To present to the Cité original art-science works or works under development in La métonymie and La Transplanisphère
  •    And to encourage the public to start new projects

The sas> cité is developing its actions over the years 2017 and 2018.


Corruption Objectified / installation at OECD, Integrity Forum 2016, Paris

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La Transplanisphere proposes its first experience in the frame of the new project “50 Shades of Integrity ». Designed ic cooperation with a team of Economist from OECD and a group of Sciences Po students, « Corruption Objectified » offers a pathway within symbolic objects of corruption associated by their little secret stories.
Visit Integrity Forum (19-20 April 16) at the OECD Conference Center (Paris), see the installation together with many corruption experts from all over the world. More info on OECD Integrity Week website.

Facebook event.

More info here.

OECD Integrity Forum and La Transplanisphère present

logo CO

What links a shiny bottle of Champagne, a leaking rice bag, a cobbled taximeter and a worn-out football shoe? They all had a role to play in a little story of corruption.


Corruption Objectified is the product of a joyful cooperation between the Integrity Forum team, La Transplanisphere and a team of Sciences Po Students. They choosed to explore the integrity topic in an different way, collecting symbolic objects of corruption associated to their stories. The result is a promenade offered to the audience, a concrete introduction to the multiple dimensions of a stake that may appear (sometimes) so difficult to fathom and so complicated to get to grips with.


What is, according to you, the most accurate object of corruption? Will you find it somewhere among the collection visible here? Please let us know, as we expect suggestions for the next experience!

The project

The exhibition Corruption Objectified is a first step of a future european project that wishes to question corruption: 50 Shades of Integrity. Co designed by 7 organisations coming from different backgrounds, the experience will associate artistic and civic approaches. It will also be based on the public participation and involvement. The partners are convinced that artists and experts have a dialog to initiate in order to bring creativity in the public debate on the corruption stakes.

If you want to know more about this project, or if you want to host Corruption Objectified in your own event please contact La Transplanisphère


The company

La Transplanisphère is an art company based in Paris (France) and led by Bruno Freyssinet. It develops a project questioning politics through art. How can creation stimulate the citizen debate on the future of our societies?

The company conceive and lead projects of international cooperation supported by the European Commission and other different tutelage in France and in Europe.

It proposes today a trans-disciplinary approach associating arts, citizenship, youth, education in a dynamic of activities linking the local and the global.

La Transplanisphère associates high school and university students, personalities of all horizons through the artistic creation, workshops, debates, interviews and publications.

The company wants to contribute to a renewed open-mindedness of the citizens towards the world.

La Transplanisphere projects are supported by the EU Culture programme,

Région Ile de France, OFAJ and Fondation Hippocrène


Corruption Objectified credits

Artistic direction: Bruno Freyssinet

Integrity Forum team: Jeroen Michels with Felicitas Neuhaus and David Hanel

Collective project with Sciences Po Paris: Manon Coyne, Damien Dotter,
Patricia Gautier, Sahar Hasan



Pierre Freyssinet, Sonia Vandomme, Faclab Cergy-Pontoise University, Muriel Poisson (IIEP Unesco), JK D-W, Kristina Vegera, Des Organismes Vivants


The 50 Shades of Integrity partners

Teatro Rigodon, Italy / Theater Dortmund, Germany / Ex-Quorum, Portugal
Policies for Development, Bulgaria / Teatermaskinen, Sweden
Transparency International, liaison office to the EU, Belgium

Hotel Obscura

see the dedicated website

Hotel Obscura is an European  cooperation project with third country (Australia), within the framework of the Program Culture of the EU ( 2007-2013 ). The project invites the artistic teamsfrom four countries to create simultaneously an artistic proposal which questions the notion of intimacy and strangeness in a particular and mysterious space: the hotel.


Take your time.

Live a unique experience.

Reserve a “single” or “a double” room.

In the fixed day, we will come to find you.

Be discreet, speak only to people who wear the sing.

Welcome to Hotel Obscura.

Dare the meeting. Intimacy is a suspended time.

Between fiction and reality, theatricality and intimacy, this play for hotels is questionning the place of the imagination, the time for ourselves and the relationship to the other in our standardized and over connected society.

A portable project, as much as hundred suitcases.

A solitary journey, a stop in a hotel on going.

A parallel world opens to hundreds of spectators during three days.

an In Situ Theater Play

for this special occasion, MEZZANINE SPECTACLES gathered three French companies under the name of HO FRENCH TEAM:


Hotel Obscura – France.

50 Shades of integrity

Visuel corruption_1This project is in progress. Only some activities took places, and others are in development.

Corruption Objectified, installation on objects of corruption, OECD Integrity Forum 2016, April19-20 2016

The fight against corruption, also called protection of integrity, is significantly active nowadays. European institutions as well as numerous governmental and non-governmental organisations have given priority to that matter. Lately, we have witnessed the emergence of NGO’s  condemning corruption, often with the help of the media. Several academic projects have also arisen in Europe. Even big companies have elaborated charters and trained their employees, following resounding corruption scandals. Though, a link is missing among these initiatives:  citizen and transversal actions directly addressing Europeans. An experience giving them the chance to inform themselves of the issue and react in a creative way.
When we discussed with actors involved in fighting against corruption, they share with us that they often witness a debate between experts. It is true that some cases are released through the media, but they often trigger fruitless reactions: a confusing mix of anger and mistrust towards countries, a feeling of a skewed process in the European societies’ social contract.
How could we trigger a more positive, active and citizen-based approach towards stakes linked to corruption and integrity? How could we bring a constructive and creative answer which can be spread among a lot of people?
This is precisely the approach of “50 Shades of Integrity”. Based on a hitherto unseen European partnership, composed of organizations of various origins and sizes, the project intends to create a field of expression so citizens should be able to share their views and be creative when discussing the Corruption topic. Through debates and artistic outputs, the project will bring a fresh perspective to these questions. It will allow citizens from different countries, generations and social backgrounds to gather and discuss. Together, we will try to bring an answer to this major concern through propositions that will hopefully contribute to the stimulation of the European Cohesion.

associated partners for this project in progress

La Transplanisphère / France

Teatro Rigodon / Italy

Theater Dortmund / Germany

Policies for Development / Bulgaria

Ex-Quorum / Portugal

Teatermaskinen / Sweden

Transparency International Liaison Office to the European Union / Belgium

This project has been designed in the frame of a Colletive Project with a group of Master 1 students from IEP Sciences Po Paris (France)