Vera Liv ( Iceland)

vera liv-WCT-2
Vera Liv participated in many international film productions by providing specific production skills and expertise of the Icelandic territory. Since 2008, Vera liv has expanded its activities to the cultural event organization and multidisciplinary as a biennial festival whose first edition was called ‘fresh wind’ Garður: dozens of artists from various disciplines and nationalities are invited residence Garður to be directly inspired by nature, the region and its inhabitants and leaving marks in the form of creations on site. Vera Liv has been about the interaction of art and society.

ExQuorum (Portugal)


ExQuorum is a structure of artistic promotion founded in Évora in the year 2000.

Devoted to its own creations/productions especially re- lated to the performative arts, but also with the intention of welcoming other artists with tangent inquietations, ExQuorum has been investing since 2006 in some professional work programs like, for example: Continue reading

Mezzanine spectacle (France)


Mezzanine Spectacles is a professional training organization specialized in cultural European cooperation projects. Since 2009, lots of projects are leaded and sustained by the different trainers of the association. The global aim of the structure is to encourage artists to take responsibility for the challenges of social cohesion and international cooperation by providing them tools and resources to build their projects. Continue reading

Project Art Center (Ireland)


Project Arts Centre is dedicated to enabling artists to create work of high quality and ambition, while cultivating an atmosphere of adventure and creative enquiry for audiences and artists alike.

Home to two performance spaces and a gallery, Project Arts Centre offers diverse and innovative contemporary artwork.

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Visoes Uteis (Portugal)


Visões Úteis (which in portuguese stands for “Useful Visions”) is an artistic project, with a theatrical inspiration, based in Porto since 1994. A very personal artistic project, producing itself, a multidisciplinary project, using collaborative processes which invite all artists and audiences involved to take part in a very special commitment. Continue reading

Teatermaskinen ( sweden)


The Teatermaskinen was created in 1997 and is located in the forest, in the heart of the Swedish countryside. It is a cooperatives structure dealing with theatre, visual arts and trans sectorial activities, working with local audiences as well as with an international network. Continue reading