50 Shades of integrity

Visuel corruption_1This project is in progress. Only some activities took places, and others are in development.

Corruption Objectified, installation on objects of corruption, OECD Integrity Forum 2016, April19-20 2016

The fight against corruption, also called protection of integrity, is significantly active nowadays. European institutions as well as numerous governmental and non-governmental organisations have given priority to that matter. Lately, we have witnessed the emergence of NGO’s  condemning corruption, often with the help of the media. Several academic projects have also arisen in Europe. Even big companies have elaborated charters and trained their employees, following resounding corruption scandals. Though, a link is missing among these initiatives:  citizen and transversal actions directly addressing Europeans. An experience giving them the chance to inform themselves of the issue and react in a creative way.
When we discussed with actors involved in fighting against corruption, they share with us that they often witness a debate between experts. It is true that some cases are released through the media, but they often trigger fruitless reactions: a confusing mix of anger and mistrust towards countries, a feeling of a skewed process in the European societies’ social contract.
How could we trigger a more positive, active and citizen-based approach towards stakes linked to corruption and integrity? How could we bring a constructive and creative answer which can be spread among a lot of people?
This is precisely the approach of “50 Shades of Integrity”. Based on a hitherto unseen European partnership, composed of organizations of various origins and sizes, the project intends to create a field of expression so citizens should be able to share their views and be creative when discussing the Corruption topic. Through debates and artistic outputs, the project will bring a fresh perspective to these questions. It will allow citizens from different countries, generations and social backgrounds to gather and discuss. Together, we will try to bring an answer to this major concern through propositions that will hopefully contribute to the stimulation of the European Cohesion.

associated partners for this project in progress

La Transplanisphère / France

Teatro Rigodon / Italy

Theater Dortmund / Germany

Policies for Development / Bulgaria

Ex-Quorum / Portugal

Teatermaskinen / Sweden

Transparency International Liaison Office to the European Union / Belgium

This project has been designed in the frame of a Colletive Project with a group of Master 1 students from IEP Sciences Po Paris (France)