Hotel Obscura

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Hotel Obscura is an European  cooperation project with third country (Australia), within the framework of the Program Culture of the EU ( 2007-2013 ). The project invites the artistic teamsfrom four countries to create simultaneously an artistic proposal which questions the notion of intimacy and strangeness in a particular and mysterious space: the hotel.


Take your time.

Live a unique experience.

Reserve a “single” or “a double” room.

In the fixed day, we will come to find you.

Be discreet, speak only to people who wear the sing.

Welcome to Hotel Obscura.

Dare the meeting. Intimacy is a suspended time.

Between fiction and reality, theatricality and intimacy, this play for hotels is questionning the place of the imagination, the time for ourselves and the relationship to the other in our standardized and over connected society.

A portable project, as much as hundred suitcases.

A solitary journey, a stop in a hotel on going.

A parallel world opens to hundreds of spectators during three days.

an In Situ Theater Play

for this special occasion, MEZZANINE SPECTACLES gathered three French companies under the name of HO FRENCH TEAM:


Hotel Obscura – France.