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Trust Youth Exchange

Paris, March 22th > April 2nd 2017 – Erasmus+/OFAJ-DFJW Youth Exchange


Trust youth exchange took place in Paris in March 2017. Among the venues hosting the activities are Cité des Sciences / La Villette and OECD conference center.

25 young people from Sweden, Germany, Italy, Portugal and France (including settled refugees) questioned together the “Trust” topic through an artistic and citizen workshop opened to the public.

Migration, terrorism, integrity, cohesion, social and cultural heritage was among the topics at stake, explored through debates with experts and artistic creation processes.

The project engaged young people in a positive, active and responsible approach helping to construct inclusive dialogue built on respect and trust.This meeting offered a unique space for dialog and creative expression between young europeans, young refugees and international experts. Everyone gained from this experience and enriched its vision of our capacity to build up “common” together.


European Partners


Paris and Nanterre partners

  • Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, la Villette cite-sciences.fr (City of Sciences Museum)
  • OECD Integrity Forum oecd.org (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
  • Agora – Nanterre web (a venue for citizens’ initiatives)