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Les Actes du désert (Acts from the desert)

Premiere at Mains d’Œuvres (Paris / Saint Ouen), November 9 and 10th 2017

Compagnie Vivons in partnership with La Transplansiphère, La métonymie and sas (science-art-society)


— I receive audio tapes in the mailbox. The voices of the different people I met in Mali during my two trips in 1999 and 2011. The testimony of an old man-memory who unrolls each name on the tree of my family. I think back to this text by Jean-Pierre Hamon who already invited me to travel in the desert. The periphery of Timbuktu. I see myself alone, sand at a loss, at sunset, where I decide to make this journey of initiation to find my origins. As a ritual that imposes itself on me, I have in a circle the elements that will reveal each step. A Malian saying says that dust holds the memory of ancestors. The sand runs between my fingers and connects me to them. I dance lost beings.

ACTES DU DESERT 180° from RACINE(S) on Vimeo.

It is there that I decide to leave in the desert to reconcile myself. In the Dogon country, it is said that every living or deceased person has a star in the sky. If the voice of the old man revealed to me my tree, on the ground, in my turn, I draw this family constellation. Throughout the journey, I cross different states that will shape me and where I feel to intermingle so many stories. I pay tribute to my father, to those migrants who decide to leave their country to find a better future. The writer and philosopher Amadou Hampâté Bâ said: « When an old man dies, it is a library that burns. » I dream of going to Timbuktu, the city of all knowledge, where I think I find the secrets of my intimate country.
Smail Kanouté

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Choreographer and performer
Smaïl Kanoute

Bruno Freyssinet

Batiste Darsoulant

Set Designer
Ikse Master

Light creator
Alexandre Fandard

XULY.Bet and JAYONE Ramier

Abdou Diouri

Accompaniment in Executive Production
Alternative Inner Motion / A.I.M

Jean Pierre Hamon

Afroriginal ™

Duration: 1h