One Land Many Faces

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OLMF visuel Sept15 copie

How to question european identity through an international experience made of workshops and performances ? During summer 2015, a bunch of european artists representing several of the many faces of the “old continent” will tour in Spain, UK, Germany, Belgium, France and Hungary, concluding a 2 years experience made of writing workshops, experimental rehearsals and public workshops in Brussels, Berlin, Budapest, Swansea, Vittoria Gasteis and Paris.

A french german woman from Berlin, a belgian women with origins from Hong Kong, a spanish Basque man, a british welshs woman, a french man with congolese roots and an hungarian woman from Budapest.
This is not a joke. It’s the One Land Many Faces perfomers at work together with a french- belgian-austrian artistic team. What is their aim? To question with the audience what make them europeans? How they may tune their identities? How to understand each other? How to create together?

/// trajectories on Europe ///

One Land Many Faces commissioned 5 authors from South Korea, United States, Hungary, Belgium and Germany. Gathered in Berlin in December 13’, they crossed their sight over Europe through a first writing workshop. Then, they habe been visiting the project partners in the Basque Country, Hungary and Wales to draw new inspiration.

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