Here We Are

Here we are wishes to explore the relation between europeans and the refugees coming recently from area in conflict (Sub-Saharan Africa, Horn of Africa, Syria, Irak and Afghanistan). The project will provoke an artistic and civic space for an alternative dialog based on creating “common”.

logo here we areHere we are will be innovative in designing a framework that will escape from a repeated pattern of goodwill versus intolerance. Beyond mutual understanding, the project focuses on “learning together” and “creating together” as an example of a possible future.

This dialogue uses vocabulary ranging from arts, craft, media, technology and sciences. And from all communities involved, Here we are will gather and collaborate with artists, teachers, researchers, community leaders, public figures, students and youth groups.

The partners organisations involved will be based in the different countries associated to the project. Together, they will generate a trans sectoral consortium made of art companies, NGOs, educational organisations, private foundations, public entities and media. The experience will be shared to the european audience through a web platform linked to the social networks. This platform will also remain after the project as a reference for refugees and migrants projects in Europe.

As a final objective, this project wishes to engage participants and through them all the communities involved to reconsider their relation to the Other and create a dynamic space for dialog, learning and creation. The initiators wish to explore alternative pathways that will be shared with a large european audience. As a result, we hope that Here we are will contribute to a more positive approach on what the refugee crisis may actually trigger for Europe. Perhaps new dynamics in our creativity and a higher stimulation for building common addressed to the european project in progress.


A cooperation project between Greece, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Portugal and France

In response to Creative Europe Refugee Integration Call

Coordination: La Transplanisphère (Fr),  Co organisers: Teatro Rigodon (It), Eccom (It,) ODC Ensemble/Vyrsodepseio (Gr), Anadolu Kultur (Tr), Ex Quorum (Pt), Des Organismes Vivants (Fr), KJT Theater Dortmund (De), Forderband Kultur Initiative/Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte  (De)

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