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sas means transfer airlock in french, like a space in between different spaces, a connection, a place where you can meet. sas is also an acronym for science-art-society.

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Le sas is a group focused on research, design, production and dissemination of artistic and scientific works.

It associates la métonymie (digital art, with Ikse Maître) and La Transplanisphère (with Bruno Freyssinet) since September 2016.

Le sas aims to develop a culture of science-art-society projects, to promote a scientific and artistic culture and to accompany art-science projects. It revolves around art-science creations, art-science developments and art-science mediations. It opens up places for research and exchange within the academic research between artists and scientists.

Le sas is also a mobile art and science venue that meets the public. A first sas, Le sas>105, has been open since 2014 at the Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale (IAS, Institute of Space Astrophysics), Paris-Sud University, Paris-Saclay University.

Since January 2017, a sas has been opened in the Cité des Sciences (City of Science and Industry, the biggest french museum for Sciences explorations). It brings together scientists, artists, teams and the public of the Cité to undertake experiments and collective creations. Actions are transversal. They are conducted between the Cité de la Santé (health), the Cité des Métiers (work) and the Carrefour Numérique2 (digital crossroad) under the impetus of the companies La métonymie and the Transplanisphère.

The sas>cité allows:

  •    To create a dynamic between public and teams of the Cité, but also scientists and artists in residence
  •    To enrich the initiatives already programmed by the City
  •    To present to the Cité original art-science works or works under development in La métonymie and La Transplanisphère
  •    And to encourage the public to start new projects

The sas> cité is developing its actions over the years 2017 and 2018.


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