the company

La Transplanisphère is a theatre company based in Paris and led by the director Bruno Freyssinet. Since 2008, it develops a project questioning the world through the theatre. In a context of global crisis and changes in the international politics, which kind of Europe, which kind of world can we tell today and imagine for tomorrow? How can the theatre and art stimulate the citizen debate on the future of our societies?
In this context, the theatre company conceive and lead projects of international cooperation supported by the European Commission and other different tutelage in France and in Europe.
It proposes today a trans-disciplinary approach associating theatre, citizenship, youth, education through an international approach. The resulting projects take place in Paris, in France, as well as in the different associated countries in a dynamic of activities linking the local and the global.
Beyond the general public of the represented pieces, La Transplanisphère associates high school and university students, personalities of all horizons through the artistic creation, workshops, debates, interviews and publications.
Through an action enhancing questioning, appropriation and creation, the theatre company wants to contribute to a renewed open-mindedness of the citizens towards the world of drama.

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